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Ground a.k.a Gr◯un土 

(Chill Mountain/Voodoohop/ESPinstitute)


Ground uses Osaka as a base to process the sounds he has encountered around the world, reconfiguring them and forging new creations for the dance floor. His style knows no borders - the wide range of textures and soundscapes he synthesizes in both his productions and sets invoke visions of other-worldly ecosystems pulsing with primal, rhythmic and deeply captivating energies. Being immersed in these sounds can often feel like a transcendence of the human-alien divide. 


Ground started Djing as a teenager and played all over Japan, with Osaka's underground music scene as his foundation. He is one of the founders of the Chill Mountain collective, which used to throw regular parties in mountain side south of osaka  before becoming more focused on its eponymous record label, Chill Mountain Recordings, which he runs with sound engineer Kabamix & designer Mt.chills. He has performed at various festivals and events in more than 21 countries, including the United States, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Germany, Ecuador, Croatia, Israel, Cyprus and Switzerland.


His personal output has also been prolific - in addition to a rich and complex catalogue of EPs, singles and collaborations, he has also released six albums & , including the 2018 world debut album "SUNIZM" on the LA-based label ESP Institute.






  Released works



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